Zoom Vacations

Winner of’s Award for Best LGBT Tour Operator and Consecutive Winner of Out of Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Small Gay Tour Provider!

Whether it’s cooking in the private home of a famous Brazilian chef, or getting blessed by a real Inka shaman in a temple of Machu Picchu, or entering a private African Party on the banks of the Zambezi River by elephant back, Zoom Vacations brings unmatched experiences, 5 star luxury accommodation and the most comfortable transport options creating a journey that feeds the heart and souls or our guests.

Our travelers truly live the destination, while enjoying multi-sensory over-the-top events and excursions. Anyone can hop on a plane and visit the typical tourist attractions. That’s no how we do things.

And of course, we research each aspect of our vacation packages to insure tat every hotel, meal, excursion, and tour we provide is something that truly energizes and expands the imaginations of our guests, while providing camaraderie and connection to the destination and those around them.


He Travel

Offering tours since 1973, HE Tours has evolved to become one of the leading tour operators for gay and lesbian travelers and their family and friends. Tours are small and use quality accommodation and have many inclusions. Tours are divided into 3 distinct styles:

Cultural – Explore palaces, exclusive concerts and the finest of local cuisine. These tours are in depth explorations of the regions they visit.

Adventure – Whether it be a wild adventure through New Zealand, Cycling the Arizona Desert or Kayaking through the Florida everglades.

Adrenaline – If you like it rough and tough, then these tours are for you, with canyoning, white water rafting and bungee jumping and other activities to get your heart racing!


Out Adventures

OUT Adventures brings an entirely new world of travel to gay men, lesbians and gay families. Step outside the confines of a typical resort holiday and take the road less traveled. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities awaiting you. Meet like-minded friends. Get an authentic experience. And travel the eco-friendly way. It’s all part of OUT Adventures.


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